The final matches have been played in the club’s 2023 league competition.

Twelve players were divided into three divisions, with two promoted and two relegated after playing three 11-point matches. The results and standings are below.

There is one game outstanding: A play-off between John Horton and Keith Gill for the Division one title.  Congratulations to John Oxley on winning Division 2 and Paul Moulton for winning Division 3.

It’s hoped to start the new league starts in January. At the moment the divisions look like this.

Division one

Keith Gill

John Horton

Mike Snowdon

John Oxley

Division two

Martin Barkwill

Graeme Turner

Paul Moulton

Don Irving

Division three

Rikki Blythe

Huu Chi

Chris Humble

Alan Hind

If anyone would like to join the league, please let Keith Gill know. You will have three 11-point games to play in a six month period.

Next club night is on January 8th at Gateshead Bowling Green Club.