Past Champions of The Newcastle Open

Alastair Woods

Tim Cross

Alistair Woods

Paul Gilbertson

Simon K Jones

The Newcastle Open 2021

Friday 1 – Sunday 3 October 2021

The Newcastle Open will be held from Friday, October 1 to Sunday, October 3 at the regular venue:  The Royal British Legion Club in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 3EX.
Entry is limited to 64 players on a first come first served basis.
Although we have a full complement of entrants, there will be a reserve list.
IMPORTANT:  If you are booking accommodation in the Newcastle area, we would strongly urge you to book accommodation that offers refunds for cancellation.  This is to ensure that if lockdowns/social distancing rules are re-imposed by the Government, the event may have to be cancelled.  We will not be able to reimburse travel/acccommodation costs, but registration and entry fees will be returned in full.
Two rooms will be used at the venue on Satuday and Sunday to allow space between matches, however, only the upstairs room will be available for the freeroll tournament on the Friday night.
UKBGF rules will be adhered to, including legal plays (rule 4.2(iii).
Registration for the event will be deemed tas acceptance of these rules.  The organisers reserve the right to deny entry to any individual as they see fit.


The Royal British Legion, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE2 3EX

Entry Fees

100% of entry money will be paid out as prizes
(Prizes above £100 will be paid by bank transfer)

Registration Fee £30
entry fee £40

 Reg fee should be paid by Monday, September 6
and entry fee by Monday, September 20
 Payments by bank transfer to NEBA
Account number : 53170760 
Sort code : 30-84-82

Optional Side Pools
£10, £20, £30

You can enter one or two pools
(either the £10 & £20 or the £20 & £30)