The North East Backgammon Association

The Newcastle Open 2023

Registrations are now open for the 2023 Newcastle Open which will be held on the weekend of October 6-8.

Due to the venue we have used in recent years being closed down, we are using two new venues for this year’s event. If you wish to register for the Open, please email:

The main event will be open to 80 people and is part of the UKBGF tour and qualifies for the places at the Tour Winners’ Invitational.

We have had to split venues for the Friday night freeroll and the main event on the Saturday and Sunday.  The venues are next to each other and are in a central/easily accessible location – two minutes walk from Gateshead Interchange Metro Station which is one stop on the other side of the Tyne from the Central Station.

The freeroll will be held at Gateshead Bowling Club.  A bar will be open.  The address is: Prince Consort Rd, Gateshead NE8 1LS. As this venue is smaller than the venue for the Saturday and Sunday, places will be limited to 48 people so please indicate if you wish to take part in the freeroll when you register for the main event.

The main event will be held next door at the Gateshead Masonic Hall at 47 Alexandra Rd, Gateshead NE8 1RB.  A bar will be open and a free buffet lunch will be available on both days.

Maps to both venues can be found at the bottom of this page.

There is parking at both venues.

A full timetable for the Open is below.

Registration is £30 and entry fee £50.

Payments by bank transfer to NEBA

Account number : 53170760

Sort code : 30-84-82

It would be helpful if you could pay the £80 in one payment, however the deadlines for the payments are:

Registration – Wednesday, May 31

Entry – Monday, August 7.

There will be optional side pools of £10, £20, £30.  You can enter one or two pools (either the £10 & £20 or the £20 & £30).  Payment for side pools will be taken at the event.



6:30-7:00 pm – registration

7:00 pm  –  Friday Warm-up

Free Entry (£100 to winner) – 5 point matches


9.30-10.30 – Registration/announcements

10.30 – Main Tournament begins – Swiss Format, 5 x 7-point matches

Play-offs for the final places in the last 16 (timing tbc)

Doubles Tournament (timing tbc)


9.30 – Registration for Consolation Tournament

10.00 – Top 16 Qualifiers Knock Out – 9 points/11 points

10.00 – Consolation begins – 7 points

12:00 (approx.) – Last Chance begins – 3 points

Approximate finishing time 7pm

Regisrations: Those with (F) after their name indicates that they are attending the Friday freeroll

There will be a reserve list for people wanting to register if we have a full complement of 80.

NameRegistration PaidEntry Paid
1 Ian Turner (F)YY
2 Alex PoldenYY
3 Vincent NolanYY
4 Connor Dickinson (F)
5 Chris Humble (F)Y
6 Ian MacFarlaneYY
7 James McDonald (F)YY
8 Tim Line
9 Hazel Harper
10 Christina Birsan
12 Graeme Turner (F)YY
13 Mike Snowdon (F)YY
14 Nick DawsonYY
15 Martin Barkwill (F)YY
16 Gary Bratton (F)
17 Luca Mills
18 Kristian Mills
19 Dave Gallagher (F)Y
20 Oliver Squire
21 Neil Young (F)
22 Kev Jones (F)Y
23 Chuck Conrad (F)YY
24 Peter HodsonY
25 Michele de HavillandY
26 Chris Jones
27 Mark Calderbank (F)Y
28 Andy Marshall (F)Y
29 Steve Bibby
30 Julia Hayward (F)YY
31 Mike LeviYY
32 Roger PorterYY
33 Kate PorterYY
34 Radu CiortanYY
35 Dave Pritchard (F)YY
37 Matthew Fisher (F)Y
38 Rikki Blythe (F)YY
39 Huu-Chi Tran (F)YY
40 Gary LloydYY
41 CJ UttleyY
42 Rachel RhodesY
43 Paul MoultonYY
44 Neil Webb (F)YY
45 Roland Archer (F)YY
46 Neculai AxinteY
47 Stuart MannYY
48 Phil Tutchings (F)YY
49 Ian Hesketh (F)YY
50 Aniel CiobanuY
51 Sarah Joliff (F)Y
52 Paul Barwick (F)YY
53 Danny Gallagher (F)
54 Ritchie NewboldYY
55 Adrian Jones (F)YY
56 Simon Hopper
57 Don IrvingYY
58 Steve LeeYY
59 Alastair WoodsYY
60 Richard Carter (F)YY
61 Kevin StebbingYY
62 Derek Murphy (F)YY
63 Jackie Murphy (F)YY
64 Eileen Mulvany (F)YY
65 Rosalie JohnsonYY
66 Jon Barnes
67 Alex Hannam (F)YY
68 Steve AllottYY
69 Matthew GuyY
70 Chris McCookeYY
71 Krzysztof CebulaYY
72 Allan Dye
73 Warren HendonYY
74 John TuzcuYY
75 Karen Slawek (F)YY
76 Rosie Young (F)Y
77 Beth Young (F)Y
78 Graeme McPhee (F)YY
79 Ian Cukrowski (F)YY
80 Paula Taggart (F)Y