The Newcastle Open will take place on Saturday and Sunday October 8-9, 2021, with a freeroll tournament in the evening of Friday October 7. The event is limited to 72 players.

* Swiss 5 x 7pt qualifier on Saturday
* Top 16 KO + Consolation and Last Chance on Sunday
* Friday night free-roll (£100 to winner)
* 100% return of entry fees in prizes
* 100% return of optional side-pools

On the Saturday there will be a 5-round Swiss qualifying tournament of 7 point
matches with the top 16 players qualifying for the finals on Sunday. Anyone who
wins five or four matches will automatically qualify, while those who win three will go into a playoff.
All games in the main finals will use clocks, with clock preference rules in place for all matches.

The remaining players will qualify for the Consolation tournament.
1st round losers in the top 16 will also be eligible to play in the consolation event.

The Main finals will be 9-point games for the last 16 and quarters, 11-point games
for the semis and final.
The consolation matches will be 7-point games.

If you are unlucky enough to be knocked out early in the consolation there will be a
Last Chance of 3-point matches with buy backs (your first entry is free).
There will also be a 64-place 1-point KO with buy-backs. 

Optional prize pools will be available for the Main (£10, £20 and £30), Consolation
and Last Chance (£5).
Pool money will be split 2/3 to winner of pool, 1/3 to runner up.
There will be cash prizes for the winners & runners up of the Main, Consolation and Last Chance and the semi-finals of the Main & Consolation.
There will also be trophies for the winners and runners up.

Free tea and coffee will be available and a free buffet lunch will be served on both days too.

6:30-7:00 pm – registration

7:00pm  –  Friday Warm-up 
Free Entry (£100 to winner) – 5 point matches

9.30-10.30 – Registration
10.30 – Main Tournament begins – Swiss Format, 5 x 7 point matches  
6:30 – Playoffs for remaining Top 16 spots
8:30 – Doubles Tournament

10:00 – Registration for Consolation Tournament
10.30 – Top 16 Qualifiers Knock Out – 9 points/11 points
10.30 – Consolation begins – 7 points
12:00 – Last Chance begins – 3 points
Approximate finishing time 7pm